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Asmita remembers

Asmita was born in the shadow of the Himalayas, in the middle of immense mountains and where the villages are just a point of color between the lights and shadows that the sun paints in the landscape. She was born there in the middle, in the small village of Gopka.

When she was just beginning to walk, Asmita crawled into the stove fire and was seriously injured, she lost one of her feet and both legs were hurt. In desperation, the parents found in a humanitarian project the solution to their misfortune and sent her to live in the capital so that she could study and move on.
Humla, dictates its own rhythm of life, orders a strict regime for those who inhabit it and cold, dust and earth demand strength and punish fragility.

For 4 years Asmita has lived in Kathmandu, but she says she remembers her parents' faces, remembers life in Gopka, remembers her father's goats. She remembers her mother's food and cries when she remembers that it is so far away. Humla and Kathmandu may very well be on different planets.

After four years, the conditions were provided for Asmita to embark on a trip to rediscover her blood and to meet her youngest sister. Four years, two planes and two days of walking through one of the coldest, crudest and most forgotten areas of the country separates Asmita from her mother.

This is a short story, a brief encounter of a girl who walks to remember.

© Copyright Carlos Pérez Osorio