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April 25th, 2015. - We had breakfast around 11 in the morning in Thamel, the tourist area of the city. I had many plans for my team to know the Nepal I fell in love with, so I wanted to take them to Durbar Square, a world heritage site and a very important and precious place for social life in Kathmandu.

On the way to Durbar we decided to stop at a tea shop in the middle of the street and at that moment the earth began to roar with the sound of an underground stampede. The floor shook with such violence that we could not keep the balance, many fell to the floor. The noise that came from the ground covered everything and we panicked. I felt the terror of people when their hands grabbed me and pulled me desperate to stay in the middle of the street. A building collapsed behind us, another wall collapsed about 25 meters and the only thing we could do was approach each other and look around to see what building would fall on us. 

Earthquake in Nepal